A Whole New Plan for Living : Achieving Balance and Wellness in a Changing World by Jim Lucey


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Jim Lucey has put all his experience into this book. It will empower you to update your strategy for a healthy and fulfilling life’ Adam Clayton

We will all experience times in our lives when our health is challenged. As we navigate an uncertain world, stressors such as financial worries, illness, loss, isolation and loneliness can turn into distress, anxiety and depression.

In A Whole New Plan for Living, leading psychiatrist Prof Jim Lucey presents ten powerful steps to show us how, by maintaining balance and wellness in our daily lives we can achieve overall health and wellbeing, ready for the challenges life presents to us. From understanding wellness, to managing stress and distress, to the opportunity for mental health recovery no matter the circumstances, A Whole New Plan for Living shows us how by making small changes, we can achieve optimum mental health, become more resilient and live with hope for the future.

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