Adam's World of Wonders : Adams Adventures : No. 5 by Benji Bennett



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Just before he went to bed, a thought popped into Adams head. “I wonder what the most wonderful thing in this wonderful world could be?”

A very tough question to answer of course, as the world is filled with so much wonder, beauty and happiness. Thankfully Fluff, Adam’s trusty Magic Cloud arrives to help and whisks Adam and the gang off on a spectacular adventure around the Wonders of the World in search of the answer to his question. Firstly stopping off at Rome’s Great Colosseum, then onto the Great Pyramids of Egypt before stopping at the leaning Tower of Pisa for lunch. No prizes for guessing what they ate for lunch in Pisa. But does Adam really need to leave his bedroom to find out what he is looking for on this educational journey to enlightenment?

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