Grandma's Saturday Soup

Sally Fraser


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The fresh snow is as powdery as the sand on the Jamaican beaches and as smooth and white as a sliced yam. The snowballs Mimi and her friends throw are as round and soft as the potatoes in Grandma’s Saturday Soup and the frosty clouds are as fluffy as the dumplings that bob in the bubbling broth…. It is winter where Mimi lives but everywhere she looks something reminds her of her grandma’s delicious ‘Saturday Soup’ and her colourful tales of Jamaica. ‘Grandma’s Saturday Soup’ is a thoughtful story, in dual language, about belonging to two places at once and learning to love them both. Sally Fraser’s lush descriptions of Jamaica make this a delightful addition to the classroom. Young children will be able to memorise the days of the week by following what Mimi gets up to each day. ‘Grandma’s Saturday Soup’ can be used to discuss PSHE and Citizenship topics such as cultural identity with older readers. The subject matter also makes this title particularly useful for coping with homesickness.

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