Handa's Hen

Eileen Browne


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Mondi the hen has gone missing and there are hungry lions and sneaky spoonbills about. Join Handa and Akeyo scrambling under bushes, tramping across grasslands and meeting all kinds of creatures in pursuit of Grandma’s favourite black hen. Richly narrated and beautifully illustrated, ‘Handa’s Hen’ is a dazzling feast for the senses. Following Handa and Akeyo’s exciting journey allows children to develop counting skills as they encounter different groups of animals.  Younger readers will enjoy counting crickets and spotting starlings, playing memory games and discovering new and exotic animals. Older readers will be able to develop their vocabulary skills through learning about the natural world.The dual language text will allow EAL speakers to access the story and teach their friends to count in their home language.

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