Handa's Surprise


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Handa’s Surprise is NOT a PENpal enabled book. To add audio you will need to use the labels and record yourself.

Handa’s basket is laden with juicy pineapples, sweet bananas, and fresh mangoes for her friend Akeyo. But Akeyo won’t be the only one tucking into the delicious ripe fruits today; there are herds of hungry animals around with their eyes on Handa’s basket of fruit.   

‘Handa’s Surprise’ is a sumptuously illustrated story with a charming twist that is sure to delight early readers. Set in Kenya, Handa’s adventures provide a perfect platform for introducing young children to East African culture, and for exploring different ways of life. Eileen Browne’s rich descriptions allow readers to expand their vocabulary by learning the names of new fruits and wild animals.

The dual language text allows new arrivals and EAL speakers to access this classic story and teach the names of the fruits and animals in their home language to their friends.

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