Lima's Red Hot Chilli Pepper


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Lima is really hungry. In the kitchen, there’s plenty of food to choose from: a hairy coconut, some shiny samosas and a plateful of sticky sweets…but nothing looks quite as enticing as the shiny red hot chilli pepper her mother told her not to eat. One big bite later and Lima’s mouth is bursting with flames and exploding with fireworks. Lima lands herself in a situation familiar to all children who have found themselves unable to resist the temptation of something forbidden. Infused with gentle humour, David Mills’ lively tale inspires children to be curious and open minded about the world around them. Useful for exploring the five senses, ‘Lima’s Red Hot Chilli Pepper’ introduces readers to different foods and encourages creative problem solving skills. Lima’s family’s trial-and-error experiments make a fantastic addition to any science lesson. This title can also be used for developing role-plays and building more complex vocabulary.

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