Li's Chinese New Year

Fang Wang


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Li cannot wait for Chinese New Year to come around. There’s a lot to be done before Li’s family can enjoy the celebrations though: the house must be swept out to brush away any bad luck, there are lanterns to light and decorations to put up, and Li still has to decide which animal of the Chinese zodiac he is going to be in the school assembly. Join Li and his family flying kites and watching fireworks as they welcome in the Chinese New Year.Mantra Lingua’s Celebration Series of dual language books  explores the way people from different cultures celebrate festivals around the world. Packed with recipes, facts, and activities, these beautifully illustrated books offer an invaluable insight into other cultures and traditions. In the classroom, these titles can be used to introduce students to religious festivals and ceremonies that they may not be familiar with. At home, the Celebration Series is perfect for teaching young children about family celebrations.

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