Louie Bennett by Rosemary Cullen-Owens


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Louie Bennett (1870-1956) was one of the most prominent female public figures of the Irish twentieth century. A suffrage campaigner, an advocate of peace, and an important trade unionist, she was an influential personality on the international stage as well as in Ireland. Despite this Bennett has not previously been the subject of a serious biographical study. The writer, RM Fox, produced a popular anecdotal biography following her death but many areas of her life remained unresearched. Rosemary Cullen Owens in this first biography of Louie Bennett examines the complexity of her public life and details her connections to various social and political movements. Particular attention is paid to her involvement in the Irish Women’s Workers Union of which she was a leading member for many years. Rosemary Cullen Owens lectures in the Women’s Education Research and Resource Centre, University College, Dublin

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