My meteorite, or, Without the random there can be no new thing



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“As artist Harry Dodge initiates a research project about machine intelligence, he abruptly finds himself contending with the decline and death of his father from dementia, the renovation of a bewildering but powerful connection to his birth-mother, and the vicissitudes of artistic practice–its strange solitude and sociality. Under these pressures, the quotidian begins to tear, which allows a portal–perhaps activated by an iron meteorite Dodge orders on eBay–to open, and he rushes into it. The artist sets up an experiment: he vows to leave his studio and risk contact with unfamiliar people in order to put himself in touch with the magic that derives when humans connect. Grief and unease become catalysts for a reckoning with the vital forces of matter and–related–the bafflement of belonging. My Meteorite is a lyrical and provocative investigation into how we are shaped by ineffable forces we cannot know. Structured around a series o

Author Harry Dodge Published by Penguin Books ISBN 9780143134367 EAN 9780143134367 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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