The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean


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‘Outstanding. The best thriller in years’ MARTINA COLE ‘One of the best thrillers I have read in years’ THE OBSERVER’I couldn’t put it down. A visceral nightmare of a book with one of the most evil villains I’ve come across in a long time.

Powerful writing’ STEVE CAVANAGH ‘Short, sharp shocker’ THE TIMES ‘an early contender for one of the best books of the year’ S MAGAZINE He is her husband. She is his captive. Her husband calls her Jane.

That is not her name. She lives in a small farm cottage, surrounded by vast, open fields. Everywhere she looks, there is space.

But she is trapped. No one knows how she got to the UK: no one knows she is there. Visitors rarely come to the farm; if they do, she is never seen.

Her husband records her every movement during the day. If he doesn’t like what he sees, she is punished. For a long time, escape seemed impossible.

But now, something has changed. She has a reason to live and a reason to fight. Now, she is watching him, and waiting .

. . ‘A true nail-biter’ THE GUARDIAN ‘Ratchets up the tension to the point where I had to check my pulse’ LIZ NUGENT’ Heart-stoppingly suspenseful, a masterclass in tension’ ERIN KELLY ‘An unbearably tense read, with incredible writing’ RAGNAR JONASSON’I could not stop reading this! Brilliantly done’ DENISE MINA ‘Sensational.

Claustrophobic, compulsive, and almost unbearably tense it’s a heart-in-mouth read that’s packed with suspense. Readers will be saying ‘just one more page’ all the way from the gripping beginning to the heart-stopping end’ C.L. TAYLOR ‘Seriously nail-biting stuff! I raced through it, my heart in my mouth’ EMMA CURTIS ‘Tremendously powerful and fantastically written, heart-stopping from page one.

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