The Wildlife of the Bull Island by Proinsias Mac an Bheatha


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Consisting of 260 pages, this book examines over 197 species of wildlife that are found on the island. It provides clear and detailed information about each species, along with many photographs, to assist you in identifying them.

It examines the history and development of the island from its origins, through to the present day. It also considers the threats that may face the island into the future.

The diversity and richness of the island’s flowers that bloom throughout the summer are included along with the many insects that arrive to feed on these flowers. Bird species are also examined, including the many migrating birds, such as the Brent Goose, that spends the winter on the island.

Three particular locations are chosen, including, the sea estuary, the grassy dunes, and the beach. Each is given its own separate chapter, and the wildlife there is examined in detail.

Tá leabhrán as gaeilge ar fáil freisin, d’arbh ainm, ‘Fiadhúlra Oileáin an Bhulla’. Tá sé scríbhte agam féin agus ag mo chara Seán Ó Coileáin. Níl sé comh mór leis an leabhair béarla, agus de bharr sin, tá an praghas níos saoire.

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