Touch, Listen and Learn


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Touch, Listen and Learn is a unique, interactive Early Learning flip charts book which gives children an exciting new way to learn essential words and themes by adding a sound element. Use our talking pens with the 11 interactive charts to reinforce speaking, listening, and reading skills. Interactive audio games for each chart follow a scaffold learning approach, whereby learners build on their prior learning. Teachers can even record their own questions and comments directly onto each chart, making tailored learning and personalisation possible.

Children can explore the following themes:

Fruit and Vegetables
In the Classroom
Parts of the Body

An ideal resource for early learners, ELLs and Special Needs students, the interactive audio games challenge children to identify and recall specific words and provide immediate reinforcement. There are also opportunities for self-correction, vital for language learning.

You can also buy Touch, Listen and Learn in our Bilingual Foundational Skills Kits together with a PENpal, audio-labels and books (available in Arabic, Haitian-Creole, Mandarin, Spanish, Urdu, or Vietnamese).

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